Trade Coordinator: First Line Supervisor (Wholesaler-International Trade)
Job Description:
Coordinates high-volume international trade in footwear sourced in China. Conducts regular communication in written and spoken Chinese (National Dialect) with monolingual suppliers in Mainland China, arranging for purchase of footwear and importation to United States, or direct export to Latin American wholesale purchasers through negotiation of prices and terms. Conduct written and oral communications in Spanish language with wholesale purchasers in several countries of Latin America: Includes quotation of prices, terms, volume and composition of shipments, and negotiation of transactions. Tracks flow of goods and local inventories on regular basis. Given authority, within limits specified by owners, with respect to price and terms parameters to enable effective negotiations. Responsible for problem-solving in contact with overseas suppliers and purchasers in cases of non-conforming shipments, undue delays, and other issues as they arise. Prepares regular summary reports of purchases and sales for use by ownership. Use of written and spoken Chinese= 25%. Use of written and spoken Spanish=30%.
Date Posted:   06/01/16
Job Location: 10175 Rush St., South El Monte, CA  91733
Number of Openings: One (Full-Time)
Requirements: Minimum 2 years in job offered (wholesale trade coordinator) +   Trilingual: English, Chinese, and Spanish (written and spoken)
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